Seattle, WA Epic & Scarlet Rental

Gavin Greenwalt

(will ship nationwide)

"Basic Epic Dragon Camera Package":
RED Epic Dragon camera body & Side SSD module
Choice of Al Canon or PL Mount
DSMC Side Handle
Top Cheeseplate and Top Handle
RED Touch 5.0" LCD
2x 8" Articulating Arms
2x RED 128GB SSDs

Wooden Camera IDX Battery Plate
Wooden Camera 15mm LW Bracket and Rods

DSMC REDVolt Travel Charger

RED Station Redmag 1.8"

2x Globalmediapro Li190S-R 190wh Lithium ion Batteries
3x Axrtec 95wh Lithium ion Batteries
Globalmediapro SCA2S 2-channel Charger/ AC Adaptor
Epic: $1200 \ Scarlet: $750

Scarlet lacks 6k, lower compression and highspeed framerates.

Basic Epic Dragon Camera Package +
OConnor O-Focus DM Follow Focus
OConnor O-Box Matte Box
Epic: $1300 \ Scarlet: $850

Basic Epic Dragon Camera Package +
2-Stage Cartoni FocusHD Tripod System
Additional 240GB REDMag
Element Technica 12" Dovetail
Wooden Camera 19mm Bridge Plate
OConnor O-Focus DM Follow Focus
OConnor O-Box Matte Box
Black Magic Hyperdeck Shuttle w/ DNxHD Proxy Recording (2x 240GB HDD)
Nyrus Pro Wireless HDMI transmitter

Sennheiser ME66/KE6 Shotgun Microphone
Canon 24-70mm f/2.8
Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8
Sigma 8mm f/3.5 FishEye
Epic $1375 \ Scarlet: $925

Indie budget? No room in the budget for RED? Drop me a line and if the camera isn't too busy I might be able to be flexible.

3-Day Weeks and 1-Day Weekends

Available A la Carte:
4x Tiffen NDs (0.3, 0.6, 0.9 and 1.2) $25
240GB REDMag SSD $40
Titan Lite Handheld system $150 (Vimeo Demo)
PL Mount $30
Blackmagic DNxHD HD-SDI Recorder $30
Cartoni Focus Tripod $40
Induro 100mm Hi-Hat Tripod (3.9" to 11.4" height) $20
Nexto DI NSB-25 Media Vault $300 (Triple backup footage on-set with the push of a button | Product Details)

Gavin Greenwalt

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