Free RED® Compatible Gamma LUTs

A set of .cube LUTs for converting between RED Digital Cinema's various Gamma Spaces as well as between RED's REDGamma and various industry standard gamma spaces.

Included LUTs:
REDLogFilm to REDGamma 3, REDGamma 4, Rec709 and Linear
REDGamma 3, REDGamma 4, Rec709 and Linear to RedLogFilm
REDGamma 3 to REDGamma4
REDGamma 4 to REDGamma3
And many more...

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Download 32x LUT Cubes | Download 64x LUT Cubes

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RED®, REDGamma® and REDLogFilm® are trademarks or registered trademarks of RED Digital Cinema. These LUTS are not officially sanctioned or approved by RED Digital cinema.